Problem with NaNoWriMo Template

Okay . . . I downloaded the Mac version at using Chrome. Unzipped the file and saw that it was noted as “Document”. Followed instructions to start a New Project, and import the template through Options. But, it doesn’t show up there. I checked Info on the file to make sure no extra file ending had been tacked on beyond “Novel (NaNoWriMo).scrivtemplate”.

So, umm, how to fix this? It seems this is a recurring problem that happens over and over again with templates on the OS X platforms, that somehow files are rendered unrecognizable.

I have double-checked to make sure the .zip file is okay and it appears to be working fine in 2.5. Can you verify you are using the most recent version of Scrivener (using the “Check for Updates” menu command in the main application menu)? The easiest way to see if it works is to load the new project window, click on the “Fiction” section, and then use the Options button to “Import Templates…”. Select the .scrivtemplate file that you extracted from the .zip file, and click Okay. It should immediately appear in the Fiction section.

The latest version I’m using is 2.5 (25239) and yes, I followed your directions to no avail. Latest OS X is 10.8.5 (I’m waiting to upgrade to Mavericks until issues for a third party software I use has been straightened out).

In download folder:

In Scrivener:


That is wise, it’s not just third-party programs and 10.9—it has its own list of bugs that make the current version a bit unstable and slow to use.

What happens if you view the file dialogue as a plain list, without date arrangement? I’m not even sure how to enable that, so I can’t test it myself, but the problem seems to be with the file viewer itself. It’s not even providing the file you extracted as existing in that folder.

Either way, I’ve attached a project that I created using the template. You’ll have to fill in the cover sheet as I left those as variables instead of letting the software use my information to fill them in.

Sorry for the hassle! (581 KB)

Hmm . . . strangely enough, once I viewed the list organized by Name, I was then able to import the template.

Okay, that is a really silly bug. Hope its not still the same in Mavericks.