Problem with numbered lists for Bookends

Best software ever! Using it to write PhD thesis and nothing else comes close to organising the amount of material needed to get it done. I bought a Macintosh just to use it. (And just as I finish, a windows version! But at least I can get Windows people to try it now)

Many, many thanks for writing it.

Now (possible) bug

If you have a numbered list, the resultant RTF when scanned by Bookends complains about a reference called ‘decimal’. In looking at the RTF itself, you can see
I think perhaps that should be {\decimal}

Also when I open in Word the numbered list has a 2nd tab in the middle of the page, which also seems strange.

Scrivener uses the standard OS X exporters, as coded by Apple, for creating the majority of the RTF, including the lists, so the {decimal} is placed by Apple - it’s valid RTF, too, I believe, so it might be worth contacting SonnySoftware about this to see if it is a problem their end. One other thing to try is changing the “Use Word-compatible indents” in the “Layout Options” pane of the Compile sheet, to see if that makes a difference with the tab.

Thanks for the very kind words! Much appreciated!

All the best,