problem with opening pdf files

Hi everyone, I´m recent user of scrivener and I experienced lately problem in opening the pdfs that I add in research department. I tried to add them both manually (with add choice) and to drag files directly in there and the problem occurs when I try to open them. It continuously gives the message to try to open pdf externally, but what is than the point of scrivener… I think this started with my update of new windows version, so It can be bug? Somebody can help me in resolution? Thanks!

which OS are you on? Are they portrait or landscape pdfs
I have no problem opening portrait pdfs in WINXP/ Scrivener
Landscapes, I have to right click on them and open in my external acrobat editor

Windows XP…I don´t understand difference of portrait or landscape opening of pdf (sorry my ignorance!)…

I’m sure there is a better way to say it, but I’m a photographer so that’s how I describe things.

portrait is a vertical image-- narrower from left to right and longer from top to bottom
landscape is wider from left to right and shorter from top to bottom

the graphic I’m posting is a lot better than my explanation :smiley:

portrait landscape.jpg

Im having two documents in portrait position, the one on which I´m working on the left and should be on the right open the pdf file. Before last update scrivener was opening with no troubles at all pdfs in right one. For me the advantage of scrivener is having that possibility of looking at two documents simultaneously…Any ideas how to make it work again?

I’ve never tried that so that’s a question for Amber or Jennifer.
One of them will probably respond back to you in a few days, I’m sure.
If not you may want to email support directly
Sorry I couldn’t help

Tnx anyway!