Problem with PDF viewer

When displaying PDFs, at a certain zoom level Scrivener suddenly cuts off the bottom of the PDF, leaving a white margin in its place. (See image)
The margin remains whether in fullscreen, split, or regular mode.

I’m running the latest version of Scrivener on an intel-based iMac with the latest version of Mavericks.
I think the problem has existed for several months, but I don’t use PDFs in Scrivener very often, so I ignored it.

I blurred the text in the image because it’s copyrighted material.

This is a drawing bug in Apple’s PDF framework (which Scrivener uses) when running in 32-bit, introduced in OS X 10.9. Scrivener is still 32-bit to support older architecture, so until this changes or Apple fix the bug, the workaround is to switch the PDF display to single page rather than continuous via View > Media > PDF Display.

Thank you for the prompt reply! I’ve followed your suggestion and that solved the issue. :slight_smile: