Problem with placing images

Irrespective of the manner in which I import images or where I place them I receive a warning:

“Please note that text files that are imported will be converted to RTF for editing”

This applies to both JPEG and PNG files. If I select “OK” the image is placed but I am unable to resize, move, or do anything else with it.

Is this correct?

Please note you can dismiss this warning forever with the checkbox along the bottom of the panel.

It is merely an introductory, generic import warning.

First off, welcome to the forum!

I see a couple things in your post that could be clarified:

What “manners” of “import” have you tried. There are several ways to bring images into a project. Different methods are used for different purposes.

The best question is what is the purpose of the images? Will you need them to print in your final output? Or are they for your personal reference?

It’s important to know if these images are placed directly in your draft/manuscript, or in your research folder, and which methods you tried.

Scrivener itself is not a photo editor, nor is it a WYSIWYG editor, but to my knowledge there are a couple options for (minimal) manipulation, particularly when each image is in it’s own ‘document’ - this would allow you (at minimum) to move the images anywhere in your binder. (I’m not at my computer to check other details, but this involves styles that will assist you with compiling, and possibly alignment in the editor)

It’s important to note, that if you are using a LOT of images inside your draft/manuscript, it will greatly increase your project size, and will eventually slow things down. A better option is to drop the images in your research folder, then link them inside your binder/draft/bookmarks as needed. This reduces the background ‘workings’ considerably.

Personally, because my images are (mostly) for reference, I keep my images stored in a folder on my computer, and drag them into my reference folder to create a link, then link them into my draft or bookmark documents where needed. I set them to open in either a QRP (Quick reference panel), copy holder or “in other editor” or in external editor depending on their purpose. I literally have thousands. (Non-fiction) This allows me to view anything with one click.

It also allows me to edit the images/reference materials in one place, and all links to that image are updated at once. You do need to be careful about not changing the path to the folder you are using. There is a function that syncs with items in an external editor, but I’ve not used that function. Yet. :wink:

Bottom line, what are you using the images for, and how do you want to edit them and for what purpose?


Thanks. I am aware I can remove the warning but it does not solve my problem that I cannot resize or move the image. All the options on right click are grayed out

I also like dragging images from the computer into document bookmarks and when you click on the bookmark the image appears below in the window and do not need to link to the a file in Research and might save steps.

A screenshot of the placed image, along with the contextual menu being open, might help determine what is going on here. What is the image type that is being placed?

As for moving the image, the only way to do that is with cut and paste. Image drag and drop, once placed into text, was never added, if that is what you are trying to do.

@Amber - can you up Tonyabp’s trust level so he can post the screenshots please?

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I think I have discovered the source of my problems.

Today I opened Scrivener and received a stream of “Documents Recovered” messages and then the program crashed. Unable to open it again, I ran a Norton Diagnostic test and three “problem” files were identified. All related to Scrivener. This would also explain several other minor glitches I was experiencing with the software.

I recently installed Scrivener on a new machine, but the download process was interrupted by a temporary power outage in the area, and I think some of the files were corrupted. I have now removed the program and am running a further Norton scan and clean and then will reinstall and see what happens.

Many thanks for the help.

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