Problem with Print font size

As I work on a document in Scrivener, I like to print it out for revising and editing. I don’t go through the compile process, I just use File-print.

It works fine in Linux except for the size of the font when printing: it is too large.

When I print the same document using Wine and the Windows version or on a Windows machine, the font size is how I set it. I can see nowhere to set options that might resize it that way.

I am using the latest stable version of Windows and the latest Beta for Linux. The print preview in linux matches what actually prints.

I am attaching a photo of two pages printed with the same font settings (font size 10, line spacing 3x). The page on the right is printed through windows, the one on the left is linux. The page on the right is what I want. That is font size 10. The linux version is at least 14-16 size. Too big.

Have you tried using any of the overrides in the compile menu? You can set what size font you want there, although I haven’t had an opportunity to really play with it.

Well, nothing I found actually changed the File-Print settings. But I did play a bit with Compile (something I hadn’t had to do since I primarily use Scrivener to write and manage blog posts which only get printed for my revising and editing).

In the playing around I found some compile settings to get it to look like I want.

So, I will add a few steps to my editing process and go through compile instead.

The Compile is a pretty good feature and will explore it more now, but I’ll keep this out here since the print command is there.

Yeah I think print current document will just dump the file at the current dpi setting or zoom level. Compile will actually do formatting.