Problem with Project Targets

I am having problems getting the project targets to work. I’ve never had problems with this before, so I’m wondering if it’s a bug or if I’m just suddenly doing something stupid. I have tried checking and unchecking every box in the project target options but I still cannot get it to count the words in the current project. It will count the words in a particular session but not in the overall project.

I think the problem is that it is not focusing on the folders with the draft in, i.e. the ‘current compile group’, but I can’t find any way of changing this, and when I go into project statistics etc., the figures are all showing correctly. Also, when I go to compile, it shows the correct folders.

If anyone can help with this, I would be really grateful as it is doing my head in…

Screenshots attached.

Many thanks.Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 05.55.10.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-10 at 05.55.19.png
Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 06.07.28.png

If your last compile was a partial compile, Scrivener will use that compile group for counting purposes if you have “count documents included in compile only” selected. (Well, that’s what happens with my projects.)

If you complete a compile of the whole Meg Book manuscript (even just to a PDF to force Scrivener to update its settings), does the count change?

Thanks for your response. No, it doesn’t change, sadly. I’ve complied right up to the last word written. I cannot understand it.

Ah, hopefully someone else can offer up a solution that works. Tried closing and restarting the project? Rebooting the Mac? Are you running the latest build of Scrivener?

Yes to all those…

Thanks for your help.

Probably not the same, but this user…

…had an issue with stalled counting as they had deselected certain documents in the compile options.

You have compiled all your words, so this doesn’t sound like your issue, but any chance some files or folders have been deselected accidentally in the compile options?

Does the error exist in all your Scrivener projects or just this one project?

… and if you untick the ‘included in compile only’?

That’s a good question, Briar. I hadn’t tried, as I don’t generally use targets in other projects, but I’ve just tried and it’s exactly the same. It’s the same on my laptop and my desktop. I just don’t understand at all.

And yes, Lunk. I’ve tried and it makes no difference. What I have found is that if I select (highlight) all the documents in the compile then uncheck and recheck ‘included in compile only’ it will show the total word count, but it goes back to zero as soon as I start typing in the document again and to get it back I have to highlight everything again, uncheck and recheck.

You haven’t by any chance Saved a Compile setting, with some special selection?

:unamused: Solved! And it was indeed me being stupid. It had to do with the way I’d created my project and structured the different elements. I was using the manuscript section for planning and had created another section (with a book icon) in which I placed the chapters of the book. I still don’t quite understand why this worked fine in the compile and also for the project statistics but not for the project targets. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I moved all the planning stuff into another folder and moved the chapters into the manuscript section and now it’s working fine.

Thanks both, for your help. Much appreciated.

I think you had some documents selected in the binder, and it was using that selection to do your compiles, even outside of the Draft folder. The compile window’s Contents section has a number of drop-down lists you can click to change what is compiled, or excluded from compile, including “current selection.”

Pleasure. Glad you found the solution you needed.