Problem with read only

Hello! My computer just got back from service and while setting my computer back up again I took the copies of my scrivener projects and tried to open them when this message popped up (translated from Swedish so it might not be 100% correct):

“Scrivener does not support read-only projects. Check the permissions for the project in the Finder and make sure it is saved on a read-only device, such as a disk image.”

I followed the instructions in this guide https ://scrivener.tenderapp. com/help/kb/macos/fixing-permissions-for-read-only-projects but it is still not opening. I’ve double checked it’s marked as “Read & Write” and tried multiple different projects. I also tried tried changing the file to a .docx and opening it with Word or Google Docs with no success. Has anyone had a similar problem?

Any help is appreciated!