Problem with saved layouts

The layout function is not working. When I choose a saved layout, Scrivener applies everything correctly (Binder/Inspector/header/footer/split/no split etc) except which display mode to use (IE scrivenings, corkboard, outliner). It will use the mode that was in use before the layout was activated.

This problem applies to all projects, even brand new ones.

I posted this problem in November and despite having almost 50 views, no-one has been able to suggest a solution. Would love an answer to this one!

Thanks, I can reproduce that problem. It should indeed be saving the view mode for each split as part of the layout. I’ll see it’s added to the list.

Thank you so much. And incidentally it’s not just in split screen but single editor too. And of course it affects all projects - even brand new ones - as layouts is a cross-project feature. I don’t suppose there’s a handy workaround is there? Is it an actual bug or specific to my version?

It looks like a universal bug. There was no way to avoid it that I could find, sorry about that! I’m not sure when that crept in as I know it used to work, and of course selecting the view mode is one of the central reasons for this feature to exist in the first place.

OK. Well, thanks again. I’m glad I’ve at least flagged it up as a bug!