Problem with saving to a disk image


let me start by saying how much i love Scrivener - it’s fantastic and far and away the best thing i’ve found for writing my PhD thesis and associated documents. However, for the first time yesterday i had a problem which seems to have resulted in me losing around half a day’s good work.

I’m running leopard, on a 1st gen macbook pro and scrivener 1.11.

part of my thesis is based on confidential interviews so i keep some of my data and all of my writing on an encrypted disk image which i keep open when i’m working. yesterday, for some reason, scrivener stopped saving and when i open my document it opens a version which is missing all my recent work. now, i’m not 100% sure i didn’t unmount the disk image, but i’m 90% sure i didn’t, either way scrivener didn’t report any errors in saving for the hours i lost (which it did when i tried to recreate the problem by ejecting the disk image today). i even made a full image snapshot in this time which has also been lost.

when i tried to open the document this morning it came up with a message about converting it to the new 1.1 format which it hung in the middle of and i had to restart the program. when i open the document again after this restart it pops up with another message about ‘synchronising the search strings’ (i think). after this is complete and when the document finally opens it slowly dawns on me that things are amiss.

using time machine i went to look at older versions of the file which are exactly the same, the last version was saved at around 4pm yesterday and subsequent ones are not to be found. exploring the package contents it gets worse as it looks like the program stopped saving at around 3pm.

now, around this time i relocated from my office to the library to keep working so my computer went into hibernation. it seems that this is when things stopped working. i tried pasting the console file outputs (filtered for the word ‘scrivener’) from when i fired up scrivener this morning below but it was too long. one of the first things i did was export the document to have a look at how long it is. i’m happy to send it to you as it contains no confidential data.

one positive from this is that reading the forum has taught me how the back up command works which i’ll be making much more liberal use of from now on :slight_smile:

any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated