Problem with saving upon closing

Hi all:
I have been using Scrivener (projects saved to Dropbox) without incident on my Macbook Pro. I want to use it on my Macbook as well and have it sync to both computers but every time I close out Scrivener on my Macbook, it freezes in the “Backing up Project” process and I have to force quit it. It is trying to save to the same place I have my Macbook Pro which is Library > Application Support > Scrivener > Backups.

Would appreciate any thoughts on why this is happening and how I could fix it so I can use Scrivener on both computers. Thanks very much.


Does the File → Backup → Backup Now command also freeze?

How about a completely manual backup, with File → Backup → Backup To?

If so, does disabling the ZIP backup option help?

Everything works fine on my MacBook Pro.

File > Backup > Backup Now freezes

File > Backup > Backup To is OK (backing up to Dropbox)

Backup to Library > Application Support > Scrivener seems to be the problem

How do I disable the ZIP backup option?

So sick of the reindexing.



Don’t disable it. Put zip backups in a Dropbox folder instead – but not the same folder as projects.

You shouldn’t have trouble saving files to Application Support, but it’s a terrible place to put them.

There have been some cases where ZIP backups fail, but unzipped backups don’t. Hence my question. The option is in the Scrivener → Preferences → Backups pane.