Problem with Scrivener built TOC

I am using function in Scrivener where I can take the chapter/document headings and built a TOC using them.
Attached are two screenshots. The one labeled Screen from Scrivener show how the TOC looks in Scrivener. The one labeled PDF output from Scrivener. I am trying to figure out why the PDF output from Scrivener doesnt look the same as same document Scrivener. Haven’t found anything that would appear to fix the problem.

Would appreciate any suggestions,

It looks as though the formatting has been overridden by the Compile format you have chosen. Try ticking “Compile As-Is” for the table of contents document - that should solve the issue.

Hope that helps.

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I tried the “as-is” option and here is what it gave me.

Possibly (probably?) tab settings. See:


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