problem with search function

Call me an idiot but…I’m new to Scrivener. Typically (or formerly, in MS Word) when I want to input edits I have done on a hard (paper) copy onto the computer file I do a search for a word or a phrase to locate the spot in question. But! when I do this in Scrivener, especially when I’ve selected “edit scrivenings” because I’m not sure exactly which chapter my spot is in, the highlighted word or words doesn’t necessarily show up on the screen. If I scroll through the entire selection I will find it, but that is hugely time-consuming. Is there a better way to do this? Please? and thanks.

Press Cmd-F to search within a document. When you use the project-wide search to locate documents containing the search terms, the term will be pre-loaded for you. All you have to do his press the Next button.

Alternatively, you can just press Cmd-G to instantly jump to the next instance—no find dialogue box required.

Thank you so much! I was using the searchlight search box in the upper right hand corner and getting very irked with it. You are a lifesaver (so what is the function of that box? just to show you where in the document things appear, without pinpointing the exact location?).

thank you thank you

The function of “that box” is to provide a project-wide search. This works exactly as it does in Mail - you use that box to get a list of documents that contain the search term. Within those documents, the search term will be highlighted. But to flick between the actual instances with the document, you need to use the document find box (like I say, exactly as in Mail etc).
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