Problem with split views and MP3s

Had a problem when going through the tutorial… specifically when playing the Buzz Aldrin clip in the top panel and then resizing the lower panel, the text “stuttered”. When I scrolled, the problem went away, but I thought I’d send this in just in case since I caught a screenshot of the behavior.

PS. I’m on a Macbook Air (Intel).


Thanks for posting. This is actually a known text system bug - it has nothing to do with MP3s or the split view; it can happen in a number of circumstances. Fortunately it is quite rare - you have just been unlucky to come across it very quickly. It’s actually not a Scrivener bug but an Apple one. Scrivener uses the OS X text system for rendering text, the same as in TextEdit. I have successfully reproduced this same bug in TextEdit, and sent a bug report to Apple about it.

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