Problem with starting point in texts

My problem is this: when I am working on a text, for example, on page 10 and switch to another text, when I go back to the first one, it always comes back to the beginning (page 1).

So, is there a way that this will not happen, that is, that when I go back to previous open texts, it will be to the place where I had left off?

I don’t know what “page 10” means, but given how much text that would require, I’m guessing you’re using Scrivenings mode? If so, it doesn’t store your cursor position/selection as there would be no place to store it.

That said there is one condition where there is an “object” available to store this information, and that is to an entry in the navigation history, what you traverse through when clicking the forward and back buttons in the editor header bar. Alas, that has been bugged for a long while and doesn’t store the cursor position either.

So at the moment I suggest helping yourself out by making a little marker when you go elsewhere. I use this technique for different purposes as well, and it’s very easy to do: just create an inline annotation from the Insert menu (I memorise the shortcut since I use these a lot) and type in something like “MARK”. Now you can search for it when you come back. You don’t even have to worry about deleting the marks since they won’t compile by default.

Another thing to consider is that Scrivener has several ways of looking things up without leaving your current context. Split views, copyholders and quick reference panels are all ways to check up on something briefly in a way that preserves your original editing point. I usually keep a split open constantly for that one purpose.

Hi, Amber,

Thanks for your quick response. “Page 10” was just an example… Yes, I use Scrivenings mode.

And yes, I thought of that “artisan” (inline anotation) solution for the moment. I’ll do that.

I visited the link with the similar subject opened: I’ll answer too there to push for the solution of the bugg (MS Word gives that possibility), still Scrivener is fantastic!!

And will try split views. One question about this: is it possible to split through two screens?

Thansks again for your helpl I really appreciate it!


I would think Quick Reference panels, the ability to open a section into a separate window, would work better for multi-monitor usage.

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I use 3 monitor set up and find that the QRP works very well especially if have a character or scene card to help me keep focused.

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Thanks Amber and GoalieDad, that solution works for me!