Problem with targets and deadlines.

Hi, everyone! I recently installed Scrivener on a new laptop (I’d never had any problems with it before) and am having issues with the session target, as it doesn’t seem to calculate from the deadline. In my previous computer, the target number would adjust itself as I wrote and now it stays the same even after adding large amounts of text.

In case it’s relevant, I switched from Mountain Lion to Mavericks…

Most likely you are typing into a document that is not counted as being a part of the writing session. If you click the Options… button in the Project Targets window, make sure “Count text written anywhere in the project” is set to what you ordinarily prefer. If that is off (as it is by default), then the software will not count if you are writing anywhere outside of the Draft folder, or into files which have had Include in Compile disabled. When the checkbox is on, your typing will be counted in all main text editor activity.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m writing inside the Draft folder, though, and it’s happening in multiple projects, which is what seems so weird. :cry:

Did you check for the include checkbox in the Inspector? That will cause typing to not be registered even if the file is in the Draft folder. Otherwise, I’m not sure, have you tried checking to see if it works normally? If you disable the deadline stuff, does it work?

Yeah, I checked the Inspector. If I disable the deadline, the session target total doesn’t change, I believe. It only works when the deadline is enabled-- the more I write in a particular session, the less I need to write to achieve the total, so the number usually decreases as I write…

The daily session goal won’t change while you type. The first number should be increasing, and the progress bar growing, but the right-hand number is your goal for the day, it just stays until that “day” is complete (depending on how your options are set). When it is reset, that is when the number will be recalculated.

It used to, though! That’s what’s so weird. :neutral_face: I had the same version of Scrivener installed in my other laptop and the goal used to decrease as I wrote without having to reset the session’s target. Maybe it was some sort of bug? :open_mouth: