Problem with text selection

Hello, I’m using Scrivener Trial and I’m having a problem with text selection. This is very basic stuff. Basically, I’ll select a region, type a replacement, and nothing will appear. The program becomes unresponsive for a few seconds. The cursor stops blinking.

Occasionally the cursor will be “stuck” in this state. When I click somewhere in the text, the between text is selected as if I was holding down the shift key.

This behavior does not happen in any other program that I use, including TextMate, Eclipse or Word.

I very much like the idea of this program but obviously if something as simple as text selection doesn’t work then I’m gonna have to give it a pass.

OSX 10.6.6. Scrivener 2.0.2.

To eliminate the possibility of something impacting the OS X text system itself (which we use), do you get similar results in TextEdit? The other programs you listed all use their own, custom crafted text engines and so may not be very indicative of a system problem that is impacting Scrivener.

What you describe here is certainly not normal or expected behaviour. It almost sounds like your mouse or trackpad button is stuck or starting to mechanically fail, from one of your descriptions—but that would of course impact everything, not just one program.

There are a few known third-party programs that can cause issues with text entry speed and editing. Are you using CleanMyMac, Spell Catcher, Nuance Dictate, and/or any type expansion tools such as Typinator or TextExpander? While some of these work just fine by themselves, they can cause issues in combination, and a few in that list are known to cause common problems at all times, no matter what else is running.

Thanks for the very speedy response.

I was using Mail just now and not experiencing a problem. The next time Scrivener acts up I’ll try to switch to Mail and see if there’s something globally wrong with the text components. I’ll also see using just the trackpad helps and get back to you.