Problem with Time Machine restore

After finishing my writing session last night, I closed my Scrivener project and made two back-ups: one using Apple’s Backup and one using Time Machine. I then restored the Scrivener project from both Backup and Time Machine to verify that my backups were successful.

What I found surprised me: the text in the Time Machine restore had lost all of its highlighting, while the Backup restore retained its highlighting. I am not certain whether the problem lies with Time Machine, Scrivener, my Scrivener project, etc., but I thought I’d post here and see if anyone else had experienced similar results.

How did you manually tell Time Machine to do a backup? I did not realise this could be done. Could it be that the Time Machine backup was actually done while the Scrivener project was still open? If that is the case, then it would have restored a project that isn’t yet finalised.

This might pose a problem in general with Time Machine and Scrivener, and indeed interaction with any application that does not save a “complete” copy of to the file system while you are currently working on it.

It wouldn’t seem like highlights would fall under that category, because I am pretty sure they are just RTF formatting underneath all of the interface.