Problem with update

Many thanks for the update, which I’ve successfully installed on my PC running Win7. It popped up when Scrivener was opened.

Unfortunately my laptop copy (Vista machine) did not highlight the update. Help>>>Check for updates gives the message “No active Internet Connection found” - which is obviously untrue as I am posting this message from my laptop. :unamused:

I’ve tried several times and no luck this far. Do I need to install a-fresh from the website?

When all else fails, yes you can just download from the website and run the installer. It’s nearly the same exact process the automatic one uses (save for the fact that the automatic one does not ask you where to install it, naturally).

As for why it does not work: there were a few versions where the update feature was broken, it could be that one is slightly older than the other PC. Another common problem is firewall configuration and/or proxies (the latter is probably not an issue if both computers are using the same connection).

No problem - I’ll just pick it up from the site - It was something peculiar to happen - both copies I have are identical; there’s no logic to why one was Ok and not the other …