Problem with using Scrivener with Google Drive

I have just set up Google Drive on my two Macs and saved a new Scrivener project onto it from my desktop.

I then tried to open this project on my laptop and got a message saying it is already open on another computer (which it isn’t).

I took the option of opening a copy, and the project opened but all my text was missing.

Any idea what’s going on?

Thanks very much.

We do not advise using Google Drive and Scrivener together. The technology they are using for synchronisation does not seem to either be optimised, or up to the task of handling a high disk use program like Scrivener. It seems to be more optimised toward software using a more typical load-edit-save style document editing approach. There are other options that do work, this is just specifically a problem with Google Drive. We hope they clean it up in time, but for now it has been known to lose work and damage projects.

Yeah, GD is bad news for packages, like a .scriv file. Dropbox, Skydrive, Cubby, they all work well with packages (and specifically .scriv files) in my experience.

If you back up the Scriv project as a ZIP file,
There should be no problems with Google Drive.
I’ve done it on a trial basis, but prefer Dropbox.
My general recommendation is NOT to synch uncompressed files.
Anywhere, any time.

Thanks for your help. I’ll try Dropbox - but only with a file I don’t mind messing up! - and get back to you.

In our experience, Dropbox is perfectly safe. There are of course some rules of thumb that should be observed for any synchronisation, however. We’ve written up an article describing them.

Yes, gfoxcroft, use Dropbox. I have all my Scrivener files on Dropbox (novels, non-fiction books, articles, short stories) and have NEVER had a problem … on condition that you only have one file open on one computer at any one time.

Incidentally, I’ve just come across a service called Copy ( which offers 15Gb of free space. Does anyone know if this is as safe to use as Dropbox? (My Dropbox is getting a bit full now with my Scrivener files!)

Sropbox has worked fine for me so far.

Thanks for your help, everyone.