Problem with Word Attachments in Windows 8.1

Problem with word attachments in Windows 8.1 and Outlook web app


I use Scrivener to write. And when I compile my work into a word document on my desktop (rich text format) I always e mail it to myself to backup my work. This all works fine - I can open the attachment and save it to my desktop, etc.

However, there is a problem with the original word document that I attached from my desktop. I can no longer open this or save over it. A message appears that say: ‘Word cannot open the document. User does not have privileges’

This is a problem that has only occurred once I changed from Windows 8 to 8.1. And also since my computer started using Outlook Web App (which happened automatically in update to 8.1). And it seems to be specific to attachments (for example, I can save over original document and open it if I have not yet e mailed it to myself).

Any advice? Thanks