Problem with working Scrivener on different devices

Please help!
Recently I bought a small Laptop/Tablet device for mobile working. As suggested I placed the Scrivener project into Dropbox. Opening Scrivener on the laptop and writing worked like a charm. But when closing the application, Scrivener mourned about not finding the backup folder. Of course, because this is located on the other machine … Okay, I guess, I could come around this problem by renaming the path or by chosing a Dropbox folder for backup. This is not what I wanted to do, but okay.
The bigger problem occured when opening Scrivener on the PC the next time. Scrivener looked much too big and I didn’t manage to bring it to a reasonable size.
The mini laptop has a 10.6" display whilst at the desktop machine there is a huge 26" 4k display and I guess, this is the reason.
Problem number three is, that I hardly can change options on the small device, since the option window is slightly bigger than the screen and I can`t resize it. I have to change to tablet mode and tilt it to portrait to even see the okay button …
In my opinion it would be much better to have the program settings inside the machine and only the story files in the cloud since every device needs different settings. For example width of binder and inspector - I have to adjust them every time I chage devices. Or do I miss something?
Please give me advice!
(I am using Win3 beta version. If these problems are only significant for the Beta, please move the post into the Beta forums)
Thank you

Hi austriaka,

I can’t speak to the issues you’re having, but if you’re using the Beta, you should always post technical challenges on the Beta forum, as that’s where the developers go to look for them. Your post won’t get noticed over here. You might want to email/PM a Mod to move it.


Moved to beta forum.

Yes, the backup folder needs to be accessible from the local system. It’s a Scrivener setting, not a project setting, so you’ll need to define one for each device that has Scrivener installed.


One thing some of us do who work from multiple Windows devices is use a DropBox-synced folder for the main Scrivener projects (so that we can sync them to Scrivener for iOS) and put our backup folder in a location that is synced by another sync engine like OneDrive. By doing this, all of the backups are able to be shared across all devices (so you always have the latest backup available) and you’re not putting everything in one basket if something happens to DropBox.

If you decide to do this, I definitely recommend the following backup options:
Add the date/time stamp in the filename
Zip the backup file
Save more than 5 copies – minimum of 25, more if you have the space

If you use OneDrive on Windows 10 for this, you can then tell the OneDrive client on each machine to keep the backup files in the cloud to save space if needed (it will still show the file entry up on your hard drive but only download it if you need to open it up).

Hope this helps.

… and just to add to Devinganger’s wise advise: if you do it that way but don’t choose the option to keep it only in the cloud you get a copy on each device and in the cloud, so three copies of the backups, all synced and identical.

Thanks a lot! The backup-in-the-cloud-method is a great advice.

Mystically today the resolution of Scrivener at the PC was okay again. Don’t ask what happened yesterday. It did cost me at least an hour …

Still the width of binder and inspector change when changing devices. It would really be great if this was a scrivener- and not a project setting.