Problems buying Scrivener


when I heard that 1.0 is out, the first thing I did was to make a paypal account, because I have no credit card and with paypal you can pay with your normal bank account. I thought!

But when esellerate sends me to my paypal account they want to have a credit card number. I had no option to pay via my bank account. Do you know of any restriction from esellerate?

So I am disturbed and worried how to purchase Scrivener. I can send some bank notes via mail or visit you. :wink:

Or I must ask a friend with a credit card to pay for me.

I wrote to paypal and ask how to proceed.

Esellerrate shouldn’t care at all what method PayPal uses to procure the necessary funds from you. I am pretty sure about that. What I’m not sure about is what PayPal’s policies are these days. I know you can definitely set it up to be linked to your bank account (both ways), but maybe they require a credit card or debit card these days. One thing you could do is give the money to your friend, and if they have a PayPal account, they could send the money to your account from theirs, and then you would have that money in your PayPal account which you could use to pay esellerrate. But, if you need a card to create an account and even collect funds, hmm. I don’t know.

I don’t think you can have PayPal draw directly from your bank account…at least I’ve never seen that option. You can transfer funds electronically from your bank account to PayPal, and then disburse those funds from your PayPal account. They also have debit cards/credit cards that link to your PayPal account.


Just purchased Scrivener via PayPal. PayPal isn’t that painless as advertising promises, but finally I managed it.

Thanks Keith for this wonderful app!

Back to work!

Juh, how did you do fool PayPal into accepting your money?

I pay with PayPay frequently, it is just with eSellerate that this problems occurs.

Is there any other way to pay than eSellerate?

you do. it works everywhere (eBay etc.) but with eSellerate.

So, how did you do it? Please help me, somebody, I really want to use Scrivener and I really want to pay for it…

Hi CylonPete (were you created by man? Did you evolve? Did you rebel? Are there now many copies? And do you have a plan?),

If you are still having problems, try contacting eSellerate support directly (they run the webstore, not me), at

Thanks and all the best,

I’ve never seen that option. I have to transfer funds to Paypal, and then I can pay using Paypal. I can’t set it up to automatically draft the bank account (not that I want to).

I know a few people who have done that - regular monthly payments (eg for web hosting) via paypal pulling directly from their bank account.

Call me paranoid, but I’m not letting them get near any of my money that doesn’t have a good fraud resolution system in place - namely, my credit card…

So… I love Scrivener. A lot. And I really like the NaNoWriMo-Trial of 2.0.
Consequently, I wanted to upgrade my 1.5 to 2.0 - but sadly, I can’t, since PayPal suddenly tells me I have to register a credit card, because the vendor only accepts direct payment - something like that.
When I purchased Scrivener 1.5 in 2008, I simply used PayPal without any credit card whatsoever. And I won’t get a credit card now just to be able to pay one program!

Is there no way I can pay without owning a credit card now? :cry:

Edit: Figured out the problem. My fault. Everything OK now. :blush:
dances around Scrivener is mine, it’s mine, my preciousssss… :laughing: