Problems clicking into Footnotes in Inspector

The problem I’m experiencing is a bit hard to describe in a few search terms, so I apologize if this issue has been addressed elsewhere.

The main problem I’m having is that when I insert a footnote with Inspector (I highlight the text where I want the FN to follow), the Inspector opens the little box for me to type in the footnote, but I have to click half a dozen times to get the “I” cursor to display within that box.

The other problem I have is that if I have a long FN (and as an academic, I tend to have quite a few of those!) and I need to go back to add something to it after I’ve created the FN, the FN box in Inspector won’t scroll up with the “I” cursor. I can click in the box, the “I” cursor will always display towards the end of my FN text, and I can get the “I” cursor to move all the way up to the last visible line of text (before you’d need the window to scroll up to be visible), but the FN box never scrolls up.

These problems are an incredible nuisance, and I’m not sure how to correct them. Any advice?