Problems/Comments Regarding Templates

  1. I am quite sure the Template folder changed without me changing it. I went to add a new text from template, and the usual options weren’t there. Is that a known problem?

I reset it via Clear Templates Folder, etc. so I’m okay, but I thought you should know.

  1. Do you realize that you use the word “Template” for two very different things? Project Template and Document Template. You might consider referring to them differently. This is something that may confuse new users.

  2. You might consider rewording the option “Clear Templates Folder” since that phrase means that the docs in the folder will be deleted. Yes, you make it clear in the information dialog that appears, but that dialog only appears AFTER you make the selection. It’s scary and might result in tech support calls or the need to consult the manual. My suggestion: Just get rid of the Clear Templates Folder option. There is no reason for that option. Who cares if you have a templates folder that you don’t use. Let the Set Selection as Templates Folder option work even if the user already has a templates folder set.

Hope that helps.