Problems compiling from synopses

I am planning a novel in Scriv 3.0 and have set up my novel in parts folders/then nested inside those are chapter folders/ and in each of those folders, a number of scenes. Each scene has a synopsis, as does each chapter folder.

How do I compile all of these synopses (both chapter and scene level) into one working document? Am at my wits’ end so any help appreciated.

If all you need are the titles and synopses, I would just use the “Outline Document” compile format. If you’d rather the document be indented by binder level, then the “Full Indented Outline” format will work better. You can either assign all document types in the project to look the same way, from one of three choices, or select different numbering schemes per type. For example you might want chapters numbered but scenes to just print their name.