Problems Configuring Project Targets / Growl Notifications

Hi all,

Now I’m sure I’m being dumb and missing something here, but I can’t configure my project statistics.

I’m aiming for 120,000 words spread across multiple documents. I’m not interested in the word count of each document, only the word count of the project as a whole. And when I reach each goal, I want growl to notify me.

BUT! I cannot find where to tell Scrivener that my project goal is 120,000 words. I can see where it can be done for each individual document (the part I’m not interested in), but not the project as a whole. So my Project Targets window just sits at x words out of 0. Rather than x words out of 120,000. And, when I go into the Options for Project Targets, Show Target Notifications Using Growl is greyed out.

Help! I’m lost!
GillyGx :confused:

LOL … now, usually I have a reply within minutes - hours at most! Now, 18 views and no responses and I suspect because … as I guessed … I’m being dumb and missing something! Fair enough! :smiley:

So … for those of you who have also got up too early for your brain to function while trying to figure out Growl notifications, here it is:

Firstly, to set your project targets, the 0 that you see in the Projects Target window is not pulled from anywhere in Scrivener’s preferences. It is an editable field. Click on the 0 and you can change it.

Once you’ve installed Growl, you don’t add Scrivener to it’s applications list. If Scrivener isn’t in the Growl, Preferences, Applications pane, it’s because Scrivener isn’t communicating with Growl.

Try restarting Scrivener once you have Growl running and you should see it in the Applications list of the Growl preferences. Voila! You can then start customising the Growl notification settings to your heart’s content.

No longer lost … just needed to get to midday before the brain woke up!!

GillyGx :blush:

Glad you got it worked out! And we weren’t ignoring you - I just haven’t had time to get to the forums before now today, and Ioa is in a different time zone. :slight_smile:

No problem Kevin … twas me! When I looked at it again later in the day it was pretty obvious! Hardly surprising that the 18 viewers probably read it, shook their heads and said ‘oh come on!’

As for you taking a while to respond … whilst I like thinking that you’re my personal Scrivener crutch to lean on night and day, I acknowledge that you have a life outside of my questions!! :smiley:

By the way, now I figured it all out … awesome!! I love having targets for a session that show my daily word count and notifications for every step I get closer! Writing is so hard and these little milestone ‘pat on the backs’ really help you to keep going … very well thought out! Every feature I find during this intro phase just makes me love it more and more. I’ve started recommending it left and right!!

Take care!



Sorry … Keith Keith Keith!!! No problem Keith!!! Ok, time I went back to bed!!! :blush: