Problems downloading the Trial Version on Mac


I’ve been using Scrivener version 2 for years, and decided to upgrade to Version 3. I got the coupon code e-mailed to me, and went through the website and paid the discounted rate. To actually get Version 3 using the discount, I need to download the trial version, and then from there I should be able to enter the code on my receipt. However, when I go to the App Store, I don’t get any options to pick a trial version. The only option is the full-price version for $45.

I know this is probably a very stupid question, but can anyone tell me how to download the trial version instead of the full-price version?

Thank you!

There is only one download.

Our store will sell you a license key, which you can use to register the trial and remove the restriction.

It is not possible for us to offer a discount via the App Store, which is why we offer coupons for use on our own site.


Thank you so much! For some reason, I kept going to the iOS download instead of the Mac download, and that’s why I was having problems. Scrivener 3 is now up and running :slight_smile: