Problems during export...

I just started trying Scrivener out and have run into a few problems during export that I hope I could get some help with here on this forum.

Just as a test I let Scrivener be in its default settings, created three text documents with footnotes within “Draftâ€

Please read the FAQ, entry III.5 for tips and strategies on how to best use Scrivener’s export features with the word processor you wish to use.

Plain text files, by the way, are completely incapable of having “page breaks” because text files have no concept of a page. They are just a long stream of text.

To view page breaks in TextEdit, you must be in Page Wrap mode. This is entered by pressing Cmd-Shift-W. You will know you are in the right mode when you see an outline of the page drawn in the text editing window. Additionally, TextEdit (and most text editing program on the Mac that use the same engine TextEdit uses, have no concept of annotation, footnotes, or endnotes. This is all covered in the FAQ.

For better Word support, I highly recomment upgrading to the latest beta, found on these forums. Import and export functions have been improved greatly. It is a release candidate and very stable. If you are using Pages '08, you might find better support between Scrivener and Pages—but otherwise I recommend using Word or NeoOffice, as Pages has extremely paltry support for RTF features. I’m not sure if '08 improves that any, I don’t have a copy and have been unable to do any serious testing. I have heard that people have successfully used NeoOffice and Word to open Scrivener’s RTF files, and save them as Word Doc—which then Pages can open with much better support. This is all Apple’s fault on that score. Pages simply ignores many standard RTF commands (as does TextEdit).

I’m not sure why you are getting endnotes in Word—but it might be that you have the option checked to convert footnotes to endnotes in the Text Options tab of the Export panel.

Thanks for fielding this one, Amber. Yep, all of these should be self-explanatory if you are familiar with TextEdit’s wrap to page and read the Scrivener Help files on exporting.
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Thank you for your fast reply. Answered all my questions, will continue to explore Scrivener now…

Thanks, Micael