Problems importing templates

I recently upgraded to OS 10.8.2 and Scrivener automatically updated to 2.4.1. I’m now unable to import templates with the .scrivtemplate extension. The files appear greyed out in the Import Templates window, so the Import button cannot be clicked. When I try to open them by double-clicking in the Finder or selecting “Open…” with Scrivener, I get an alert message that tells me the file can’t be opened because a binder.scrivproj file is missing.

I would like to import templates I’ve downloaded from the Web, as I’ve done in the past. Is there a step I’m missing?

This sounds like it could be a bug with the newer file dialogue box that gets used in 10.8. I’ve run into it a few times as well, where files that should be selectable aren’t. I would try logging out of your Mac and back in and see if it clears up. There isn’t as far as I know a universal problem with this. I just successfully imported a .scrivtemplate file on my OS 10.8.2 copy, running 2.4.1.

Your suggestions didn’t work, but I will keep trying. Thanks!

Hmm, try switching to List view if you are using Column view. It’s been a while since I have seen this problem and I remembered doing that seemed to have helped.

P.S. Are you using the Apple Store or direct-sale version?