Problems importing web pages in pdf format.


When importing web to pdf with scrivener for windows 1.0.3, I get strange Characters, I.e. “Südafrika” instead of “Südafrika”. (You might think ‘ü’ is a strange character, but try to assume it being an essential part of someone language. If that doesn’t work, just imagine it’s the name of some heavy metal band. :slight_smile:. )

Example link: … print.html

What can I do?



I have the same problem. Seems that Scrivener is not using the default Windows encoding (mine is German, too). Which in a way makes sense, since it it also not using the default PDF-viewer of the system.

Stefan, maybe it can be explained, but it still is a bug.

Moderator, scrivener guru etc. - Do you think this could be fixed?