Problems Importing Web Pages

I have two main problems importing web pages. The first is that when I import a web page the text gets a bit smaller and is hard to read. There is no zoom in scrivener and enlarging the text in the web page does nothing. Also graphics at the top and bottom of the screen are usually duplicated several times. I have been trying to overcome these problems by either using the print view or copying the web page text by hand and saving the page itself in another folder incase I need links. Is there an easier way to do this?



You might like to try control click on the web-archive icon in the binder and then use open in External Editor. That will probably open it in Safari.

The web-archive that scrivener saves is I think a regular Safari web-archive but within the project package.

If I need a web page kept for reference, I have taken to printing it to PDF, usually now directly into Together since I run that, but otherwise just print to a PDF that can then be dragged into Scrivener if necessary, and I use Skim for any marking-up, etc.

Mind you, the pages that concern me, or the content of them is not something that changes.


View > Editor > Zoom In/Zoom Out will make the text bigger or smaller.

Web pages get imported using Safari’s .webarchive format, which is the best option there is but still far from perfect when it comes to images, unfortunately, so I’m not sure I have a solution for you on the images appearing at the top and bottom. Which web pages are you having a problem with?


I am also having a similar problem whilst trying to import Wikipedia pages. The Thank You graphic at the top of the webpage is duplicated and the text slopes downwards towards the right, at least I think it does… The sloping does not seem to occur with other webpages but the graphical duplication occurs very often.

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I was having problems with any webpages with images at the top or bottom. The zoom as well as the open in external editor helps a lot though. Thanks.

In Safari, open one of the problematic web pages and go to File > Save As and save the page as a Web Archive. Then find the Web Archive on disk and double-click on it to open it in Safari. Does that have the same problem? I ask because Scrivener just saves web pages internally as web archives using the WebKit’s web archive saving code - in other words it uses the same code as Safari for this.