Problems inserting images into text


I’m running into a problem lately when inserting images into the text area. I’m writing my masters thesis and the first time I inserted the image everything worked without a problem. I had to make some modifications to the image and then reinsert it, but the problem is that instead of displaying the new modified image I keep getting the same image as before with the modifications.

I inserted the image by going to Edit>Insert>Image Linked to File. I also tried the other method of Edit>Insert>Image From File and I keep getting the same old image inserted instead the modified one.

Is this some kind of bug in the program, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for all the help :smiley:

Oh! I just figured out that the only way for this to work is by dragging and dropping the image file from the Finder into the text area, which doesn’t seem logical to me since this feature of inserting images should be supported seamlessly from the tools menu.

Any thoughts?

Dragging and dropping from the Finder does exactly the same thing as Edit > Insert > Image From File, so I’m not sure why you would see any difference there.

Drag & Drop isn’t going to link the image though, it will fully import it into the text document you dropped it on, meaning future edits will not show up. So that may not be what you want.

Are you absolutely certain that the file you are dragging is the same file you are selecting in the file browser dialogue? You can drag files into this dialogue box to select them, maybe try dragging the image into the “Image Linked to File” selection window, and see if it jumps to a new location.

One other thing to note is that if the edited text file containing the graphic link is still in memory, the cached version of it will not change even if the file itself changes on the disk. Reloading the project is enough to fix that.

Thank you Amber, the file I’m dragging is the exact same one I’m selecting in the file browser dialogue. I think the problem I’m running into is that the new changed file is not showing in my text window because it’s still showing the cached version, but I tried closing the project, and then opening the project again and I’m still facing the same problem.



Try deleting the image and then using Edit > Insert > Image Linked to File - that’s the one you need. Dragging into the editor from the Finder, or using Insert > Image From File, will place a copy of the image into the text and so that won’t ever update. I know you said you used “Image Linked to File” at first, but then you said you tried the others, too, so make sure you go back to “Image Linked to File”. Once you do that, closing and restarting the project after you’ve edited the image should reflect any edits you’ve made to the image.

All the best,

Hi Keith,
I did what you just said and now it works, now I can see the updated image.
Thank you so much. All the best to you too,