Problems linking to external file.

I don’t know why, but I am having a lot of problems linking to an external file.

  1. I cannot drag and drop a file from another program.

  2. What does work is to get the create link dialog box, click on “file” and then click on the browse button. Then when I browse and choose the file it works.

However, I keep my files in Onedrive, and I map that drive as “U:” on my computer. Scrivener won’t open the link to the mapped drive. If I instead use the real path (D:/OneDrive), it will open the file. I’m hoping that links to mapped\virtual drives will work in the future, so that if I move everything I’ve got in OneDrive to, say, Dropbox, I can just change the mapping on my computer. Also mapping is easier when syncing across multiple computers. Hope that makes sense. In any event, the new version looks great and I’m looking forward to it being released!