Problems moving project back and forth from mobile to desktop since the last couple of updates?

I typically work between my desktop and my ipad and copy the folders over through dropbox. I’ve been doing this since January with no issues. Lately, however, I’d say starting maybe two or three updates ago (using the Windows Beta) I’ve been encountering more problems with the search indexes needing to be rebuilt or error issues with the folder copying over, but getting empty documents.

Has anyone else who works between mobile & windows desktop been getting this?

I have no experience syncing between mobile and the Windows beta, but what you’re describing sounds like run of the mill syncing issues, so it’s worth asking:

  • Are you syncing all changes in the iOS app before closing out the project?

  • Are you making sure Dropbox is fully synced and up to date on your computer before you open the project in the beta?

  • Are you ensuring that the project is closed on one device before opening it on the other?