Problems moving rearranging files and/or documents

I’m having difficulties moving documents and files in corkboard, outline and binder. In binder, if I try to move a chapter labeled-document it either becomes a child of a document or is placed at the bottom of the binder list. If I try to move the document in outline, it only moves up or down on the visible screen and when I drop it, it becomes a child of another document. If I try to move in outline, let’s say from the top to the bottom (about 90 documents/files) it is incredibly slow and then when dropped, disappears or reverts back to its original position. I’ve read the manual but can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for. I admit I am a skimmer.

I am new user to Scrivener.
I had this problem also but have figured out how to do it.

In the binder, select the file you want to move. While selected drag it to the right a touch, then move it to the spot you want. If you release the mouse button when a folder highlights, the file will become a child.

Instead, move slowly between the the two file names where you want to place the file. It’s fine movement. You will see a single thin line between the folders and one folder will be faintly highlighted. Release the mouse button. The folder should drop in between.

It’s a similar action between the index cards. Look for the the single thin line between the cards then release the mouse button.

The movements are slight so you have to be careful but with practice you can get good at it.

I am sure the Scrivener team will improve the visibility of this action.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Norm311:
It works!

Using the Ctrl + arrows shortcuts really helps when you want to move stuff in the binder.

I’m also having problems with this. The thin blue line is there in the binder and allows me to drag and drop my files. But there’s no blue line for moving documents in either my corkboard or my outliner. Instead, when I try to move things around, there’s a black circle with a line through it that appears over the index card/outliner item as I drag it. Then the card returns to its original place. I’ve tried over and over, moving things as slowly as possible, but there’s definitely no blue line to indicate where I’m moving things to.

Can anyone help?

If you want to entirely avoid dropping index cards onto other cards (making them subdocuments), you can deselect the “allow dropping” option at the top of the Corkboard tab in Tools > Options.

savingforoz – It sounds like you’re viewing a multiple selection in the corkboard and outliner, rather than a container. Since these could be documents from anywhere in the binder, it’s not possible to rearrange them in this way–the displayed documents might be from different levels in the binder hierarchy and have any number of documents between them, and Scrivener would have no way of knowing where you actually wanted the document placed in the full binder list.

Thanks, MM! Got it. You’re right. The thin blue line has now appeared, and I can move my index cards around.