Problems, Observations, Desires

PHil mate,
Y’ think y’ so friggin clever…don’t y’! Well y’ not! Think y’ve got all the bases covered! Blind ‘em wi’loads’a ifs, buts an’sos and ands, coulds whats and woteverrs, and wotnots. Well Busta! y’ screwed up. Y’ no why…eh? Cos this a a load of old bollocks:

If you really knew wot y’ were talkin’ about, y’ would’ve pu’

Boiled, scrambled, scappled, scrivenered…

Just sayin’


:blush: blast! …scrotumectomied

[size=85]Psst…Master Philip, just say, 'I left these three full stops… so someone else could exercise their options, and add, scappled :wink: .

Astute reading oh Fluff. Next time I’ll just try to be inclusive and see if I can fill the page :slight_smile: and do, do point out anything I miss. Good to be kept on your…

:open_mouth: Scrotumectomied? :open_mouth:


:open_mouth: Master Philip!!DO NOT GO THERE!!!The perverted Scottish dog, is obsessed with filthy expressions. Down on the bottom deck, he’s encouraging a foul mouthed young hussy to use atrocious language, The dog’s a sicko!! :open_mouth: And the floozie in question, doesn’t need any encouragement. :blush: :blush: Mind you, she does have issues. She’s a penguin fetishist, and the poor thing has no dress sense. She knocks about with gnomes, too. :frowning:

:confused: … okey dokey :slight_smile: