problems opening files in scrivener 3

scrivener opens, but stops responding when I try and select a project. I can open the tutorial file, and my backup location is in dropbox, not in the project itself.

(it’s somewhat typical that this has happened when I’ve holed myself up somewhere nice and remote to try and meet my deadline,)
any fixes? I’m getting a little desperate

This is probably caused by a known bug that appeared in 10.14, if you’ve already upgraded to that. There is a project setting that causes a crash when you try to load it. We’ve fixed the problem, and if you’re willing to use the beta version with that fixed, please feel free to do so. I’d say like most of our mid-release betas, it is probably more stable than the regular version since it fixes a lot of bugs (like this one). But I’d understand if you’d rather wait until more people have tried it.

So the other fix is to clear the project’s settings. The instructions there mention two files, but I would only try removing the “ui.plist” file first. If that doesn’t work, then try the other “ui-common.xml” file.

Thank you!