Problems opening Mac Scriv File on PC

I’m working with a writer who has a PC.

I sent her my scriv file and she is unable to open.

I read a bunch of articles but nothing really addressed this exactly.

Thanks so much!

Is she getting an error message of any kind? How are you sharing the files? Without more to go on it’s going to be difficult to track down the problem, so I’ll just throw out two of the most common I see:

  • Zipped files: On Windows, it’s possible to double-click and open a zipped folder, but it is in read-only mode, which means Scrivener will throw an error when trying to open the project (Scrivener must be able to write to the project file from the moment it’s open, in order to keep the whole thing in sync). To extract a copy of the project from the zipped archive, either right-click the zip and choose “Extract All” or open the zipped archive and then drag out the contained folder to another location. The extracted project should then be openable as normal.

  • Dropbox/other sync method for the live project: If a sync error has caused multiple conflicted copies of files within the project, Scrivener on Windows cannot always open the project–this is especially true if there are multiple project “.scrivx” files inside. Make a zipped backup of the project .scriv folder (on Windows, right-click and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”) for safe keeping, then look through the contents of the folder and remove any duplicate files to another temporary location, after which you can try opening the project again. If you removed any document files from the Files/Docs folder, you may want to import these back into the project to compare with their other versions already in the project; you can keep these, use them to replace an older version in the project, or just copy and paste any of the text you need from them. If you are working by sharing a project via a sync service like Dropbox, I recommend you and your collaborator read through the best practices here to help ensure a safe sync.