Problems printing with b29 on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10

I’ve got the 0.29 beta installed and running on the 64-bit version of Maverick. Unfortunately, no dialog appears when “Print Current Document” is selected. If Scrivener is launched from the command line, the follow error is printed to the console when the button is pressed:

lp: The printer or class was not found.

Printing works fine from all other apps. Using the lp command to print a random file from the command also works fine, sending the job to the default printer. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere to configure printer options within Scrivener, other than the “Print Current Document” menu option.

I did an strace to see if anything leaped out. The only thing I found is that Scrivener is looking for a variety of different printer configuration files, including /etc/printers.conf. On Maverick, this is located at /etc/cups/printers.conf, and only readable by root. As an experiment, I added a symlink to the location where Scrivener was looking and set the file o+w. A second strace showed that Scrivener is opening and reading the printers.conf, but there is still no sign of the printing dialog box and the same printer not found error is printed to the console.

I couldn’t find anything about this issue in the forums. Any ideas on what’s going on here?