Problems regarding printing layout


I recognised some strange behaviour, when it comes to printing my manuscript: The result I get, when printing out of Scrivener, differs from each other program I try to print the document.

To make this clear: I use the exact same settings (same font, same font-size, same spacing, same page-margins, same page-format chosen) inevery program, meaning Scrivener, Word, TextEdit, OpenOffice - but when I look at the result Scrivener has less words on each line and less lines on each page. All other programs have the exact same result. Why is that? And what can I do about it?

It’s not a big problem, but why is it so?


When you say you print from Scrivener using the same exact exact settings as Word or TextEdit, what all do you mean by that. :slight_smile: I can think of several dozen different ways to do what that line implies, and some of them indeed might produce different results, but just want to make sure we are on the same page. What are you doing, when you print from Scrivener, and how are you setting that up? How are you getting the material into other programs, in order to test this?

It’s like I said. These are the settings in each program:

Times New Roman 13
all margins set to 2,75 cm
page-size A4 DIN

When I insert text in each program, the same text, the result in scrivener takes more space. I only get 22 lines for example on the printed page of Scrivener (it doesn’t change if I use compile-draft… or the print-document command) and less words per line. In Word it’s 23 and more text in the line. I will append two pdfs with this so you could have a look. (It’s in german, but that’s not the point.)

I mean: The programs are using the same fonts, but the results are different. Why is that?

As I said: It’s nothing crucial, but somehow strange.

word_page.pdf (37.5 KB)
scrivener_page.pdf (37.2 KB)

There’s nothing really strange here - Word and Scrivener use completely different text engines, with different code for rendering the text and so on. So there will be slight differences, even when the font and line spacing and so on is the same. You’ll notice such differences between many word processors.