Problems Saving and Loading Preferences

First, which folder should I save the preferences in? Also, when I try and load my saved preferences and click OK, it doesn’t switch to the specified preferences. Any ideas on this? Thanks.


You can put the preference file anywhere you like, it is just an ordinary file and can be organised like any other. What seems to be the problem with loading them? What are the exact steps you are taking? Try making a very obvious change like making the Binder background bright red, and then load the preferences file—nothing happens? It stays bright red?

If so, a console reading might help out. In Applications/Utilities, double click on Console and with that open, try loading preferences again. Then copy and past anything with the word “Scrivener” in the line to here.

What I have problems with is when I try to change things in the Text editing part. For example, when I try to change the spacing to single lines and get rid of the first line indent. I hit apply and nothing changes. Or I set up a preference like that, but when I tried to load it, there was no change.

Oh, you are wondering why when you set up the default text preferences, they don’t override every document you’ve already created? Those are just defaults. Imagine if you had spent hours formatting your project a certain way, then fiddled with some little thing in a preference and it erased all of your work, setting it back to default! :slight_smile:

Here is more info, and instructions for accomplishing what you are trying to do, in the FAQ.