Problems since putting picture in

I put a picture in a Scrivener file, and ever since then it tends to freeze up quite often. I can’t remove the picture either. What can I do?

Is this an image you inserted into a text document, e.g. you dragged it into the editor or used Edit > Insert, or one that you imported into the binder directly? Either way it should be removable, but the steps will be different. If it’s in the binder, you’ll want to select it, press Delete, and then also empty the trash, since until you do that last step the image is still in the project–although it shouldn’t be causing any lag when it’s not being loaded, it will still be increasing the size of backups and time to create them. (Make sure first of course that there’s nothing else in the Trash you don’t want to delete, and drag anything you want to preserve to another location in the binder first.) Images inserted in a document can be removed by selecting them and pressing Delete or positioning the insertion point immediately after them and pressing backspace.

If you are unable to select the image file in the binder to delete it because trying to do so freezes the program, you can load a different file in the editor and then choose View > Editor > Lock in Place to prevent it changing when making other binder selections; that will allow you to follow the steps to delete the image file without it ever loading in the editor. If you’re having the same problem with an image inserted in a text document (and are loading just the one document, not a full Scrivenings session of multiple files), we might need to delete the image by opening that file externally and wiping the image there. This could lose other Scrivener-specific formatting, so before this step be sure to make a backup of the project. Then close the project in Scrivener, open the project folder and drill down into the Files\Docs folders to find the problem RTF file. Likely it will be the largest if you sort by size, since I’m imagining the inserted image is fairly big (and certainly will be larger than an all-text file). If you’re on a newer version of Windows, you can use the Preview pane in Windows Explorer to view the file to quickly find the one you’re looking for. Once you have it, open it in a word processor, delete the image there, then resave and close it. When you reopen your project in Scrivener, you should be able to load the document normally.

Dunno why but I’ve suddenly found the image has disappeared! :confused: