Problems syncing via Dropbox


I used to work on two PC’s at the same time syncing with DropBox, I did not use Scrivener and recently started again, I took the opportunity to upgrade to the Beta and now for some reason, while the rtf files get updated to the other PC correctly, the changes made to the files are not reflected in Scrivener, text changes, status changes.

Am I missing some step?

I am not sure if this is related to the beta or something that changed while I was not actively using Scrivener any more, so figured I would post it here first.

Thanks for your help.

Ok turns out it’s all my fault, as somehow I had saved one of the instance in a folder that was not syncing with dropbox but just had the name…
Now maybe you can still help, as I have maybe 30 texts on the unsynched PC that have minor changes that I would need to bring over to DropBox.
Does anyone have a recommended way of doing this most efficiently since it’s not easy to tell which text corresponds to which folder with the UUID in dropbox?
Or can I rely on the date modified and copy the entire folders over?

Why don’t you rename one of the projects and then open both, or simply import one of the projects into the other? Then you can sort ot out when all the text is in the same project