Problems when Compile

Hi there, I have a question: When I Compile my Novel to PDF, it works fantastik, with one very little problem. When I have passages of my text like the headline which are set to “Align Center”, they always compile normal as align left. Only the first Page works like it should ^^ Can you help me? :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with aligning text. When I make a mobi/kindle file all of my center text is align left. I’ve spent the better part of two days trying to figure out how to fix this. Please help. If this a bug that will be fixed with the release, then great. If not, well, this could be a problem xD

These sound like two separate issues from the program standpoint, so I’ll address them individually.

(This original post is old so it could’ve been a bug then, but just for anyone coming across it now:)
For the PDF compile, is it just that in the editor some of your text is centered, or have you set up formatting in the Compile pane for centering certain elements in given document types/levels? If the former, and your compile settings are such that text and notes formatting gets overridden, then this isn’t a bug; we just need to change your settings. What’s happening is that when your project is compiled, the formatting in all the documents is being standardized according to the formatting settings in the compile sheet, which could be entirely different from how you had things set up in the editor. For some people, and some projects, that’s great–it lets you use whatever font face, text size, spacing, etc. that you like while writing but smooth it all out when you compile your manuscript to print or email to your publisher. If you tend to write and format as you go, keeping the text in the editor exactly as you want it when you compile, then you won’t need this and it might just get in the way (as it seems to be here), so what you probably want to do is just uncheck the “override text and notes formatting” option.

Open Compile, click the blue arrow button if you don’t see a list of options on the side, and then select “Formatting” and just untick that box at the top. Now your compiled document will use the formatting you’ve set in the editor. (The first page is probably working because it’s ticked “compile as-is” in the Contents pane of the compile sheet, meaning that it will appear as it looks in the editor regardless of the settings in the Formatting pane–but if this is an issue for all your documents, you’ll want to just deselect the override rather than ticking “as-is” for every document, especially since “as-is” will prevent other elements like titles from compiling.)

For the .mobi, this might be the same issue as above, but there’s also a bug whereby the formatting is not being handled properly and even documents set to “compile as-is” consistently come out left-aligned, regardless of their actual formatting. This will be addressed for 1.0.