Problems with Abbreviated Title

I’ve set the title of my latest WIP to “The Antiterrorist” in Project/Metadata Settings/Project Properties. Because I don’t have anything for the abbreviated title, Scrivener uses “Antiterrorist” from the file name.

I compile to a MOBI and view it in the Kindle previewer and the heading for each page is


How do I avoid that? I just want THE ANTITERRORIST.


Please help. I am releasing the book today, and the heading is not right. Will Amazon fix this (create heading based on the info I enter into KDP select)? I uploaded it to KDP and downloaded the preview, and the heading is wrong.

As far as I know, Amazon just takes the heading from the “Title” meta-data field, as shown in the Meta-Data compile option pane. I would double-check that location and make sure it is using the right information.

What you type into the info field in KDP may override whatever is being set there in that pane, too. I am not familiar with that aspect myself, but I’ve heard it can change the cover image.

I discovered the problem.

In the meta-data settings of the compile dialog, I had told it to include the abbreviated title in the title. I’d done this because I had used the abbreviated title to track versions.

So, although there’s no way to prevent S from having an abbreviated title, there is a way to prevent it from appearing in the final book.

Thanks for your help.