Problems with Activation Key for Scrivener 3

After using Scrivener 1 for Windows for many years, I was prompted by the program to purchase a new license. Since I’m working on a project and did not want to lose access to it, on March 21 I purchased a full license for Scrivener 1 for $49. At that point, I saw that a beta version of Scrivener 3 for Windows was available, so I downloaded it and transferred the project to it. Today (March 24) I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener 3. But when I tried to use the activation key for Scrivener 1 on Scrivener 3, I get the following message:

“The license you have provided is not valid for Scrivener 3. If you have already upgraded then, ensure you are using the correct serial number. You may request an additional copy of your purchases from our serial number retrieval page. License does not match product.”

What can I do to activate the full version of Scrivener 3?

PROBLEM SOLVED. I tried this solution provided by ejones. Thanks!

“I was having the same issue; to solve it, I had to click on “Upgrade from older product” link that’s just under the Buy button. I didn’t take a screenshot or I’d post that. In any case, you’ll put in your email and license for Scrivener 1 there, then get a coupon code for Scrivener 3, then purchase a new Scrivener 3 license for 0 dollars.”