Problems with Bullet Points


Apologies if this has come up before; it strikes me as something of a basic query, but I can’t find any information about it in either the manual or through a quick search of these forums. I use Scrivener mostly for taking notes on my course, and it involves making a lot of bulleted lists. Unfortunately, I keep getting a lot of formatting problems

For one, whenever I shift focus off a bulleted list (to change something in a parallel editor or whatever) and then click back, when I then go to a new line, it’s quite common for Scrivener to put in 2 or 3 empty bullet points. Even more frustratingly, these aren’t always at the bottom of the existing list, but can be dotted at various points throughout. On a few occasions I’ve had to delete a list and start again from scratch.

Also, is there any way to start a number list and then continue it after a break? e.g.

The numbers start:

  1. Number one
  2. Number two
    And then they continue:
  3. Number three
  4. Number four

At the moment it will just start a new list at 1., which isn’t what I want.

Finally I want to know if there’s a keyboard shortcut to start a list - it’s quite slow to have to click the button on the right and then select from a dropdown menu every time - especially as it’s one of the first buttons to be lost when you reduce the size of the window

Would appreciate any tips or hints!