Problems with 'Check for Update' and 'Keep Up to Date'

I’ve installed 1.0.1 and I did uninstall the last beta 049 prior to installation.
All normal editing and navigation functions appear to be working properly, but when I click the ‘check for update’ option under the help drop down I get an error msg box with the message ‘download aborted’.

Also, when I click the ‘keep up to date’ option and attempt to subscribe to the newsletter, I get a message that says ‘host requires authorization’. When I click thru that I get the standard windows msg box that says Scrivener has encountered an error and must close.

This is on a Windows XP/SP3 machine behind a corporate firewall, so I don’t know if that is the problem or not. I have never had any authorization issues before when updating versions of software.

Anyway, thought I should report this - not huge problems, but certainly an annoyance.

Thanks for the report. The firewall is a known issue, so that’s the problem you’re running into with both Check for Updates and Keep Up to Date presently, but Scrivener shouldn’t be crashing just because you aren’t able to connect to the server there, so I’ll make sure Lee knows to take a look at that.