Problems with comments

I’m using Scrivener on Ubuntu. I’ve been trying to add comments to my documents but while sometimes it works fine, sometime it doesn’t: I click on the “+” button to add a comment and nothing happens. I can’t work out what the difference is between the sections of the document which will let me add comments and those which won’t - any ideas?

I might have figured out what the problem was - I think that I can add comments to files but not to folders. Does that sound like a plausible explanation?

I think the answer is that you can only attach comments to text. A folder can contain text, and you can add comments to that, but I guess you can’t add a comment to a folder that doesn’t contain text. If you want to do that, I would use “Document notes” on that folder. Or I suppose you could put some dummy text into the folder and add a comment to that, but that would be a bit kludgy and you’d need to work round it on compile.

No doubt someone more savvy than me will be along before long.